A great family story

Fuchs Vinegars from France was founded in 1843 and is situated near the Cognac and Bordeaux regions.
This conscious choice was made by the founder of the company, Mr. Conte,
because he wanted to be close to the vineyards that produce a wide range of high-quality wines.

Fuchs Vinegars gets its name from Mr. Fuchs, who bought the factory in 1923.
After having passed through other hands several times, the Fuchs Vinegars
location was purchased by the Bakker family (owner of Burg Groep) in 1998.

Burg Groep is a family entity that was founded in 1947 in the Netherlands
by Cees Bakker, and it is a leading European  producer of fermented vinegars.
Burg Groep consists of five vinegar factories located throughout Europe,
all of which were previously private companies.

Since the acquisition by Burg Groep, the Fuchs vinegar factory has been
modernized, strengthening its position in the domestic market as well as
in international markets. With certification by various institutions such as IFS,
BRC Food, Ecocert (for organic vinegars) and A.E.O. (Authorized Economic Operator),
Burg Groep products  are sold in more than forty countries worldwide.

Approximately thirty engaged employees ensure the production of the high-quality vinegars.
The company is increasingly focused on a sustainable approach to both products and process.